How Do You Know You’re On The Right Track?

At this time of year people tend to set themselves goals and targets and lay out a plan of what they hope to achieve during the year ahead. This is a good act to follow and always great to get in the right mindset of achieving and pushing forward.

However, do you ever ask the question…. “How do I know I’m on the right track?

How to get yourself on track

Get it right now; be positive and get yourself on track!

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I often question what I’m doing and the reasons why I do them. It’s healthy to understand what you trying to achieve rather than just plodding on because ‘that’s what needs to be done’.

Take a step back and make sure that you’re doing things for the right reasons and because it’s good for your personal circumstance, rather than following the crowd and becoming the same as everybody else.

Getting on the right track is going to be individual to you. Only you know where you want your business to go and what direction you want it go in. Do you have an ultimate goal of what you want to finally achieve? It’s always good to have a goal and a plan to get you to the finishing line.

But you know it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve achieved that goal and finishing line, then you need to be ready to further indulge and push further. Your right to success depends totally on how much effort you put in and how much you really want to achieve. If you’re of the mind, “well I’ll copy what everyone else does and then I’ll get there someday”, then yes perhaps you will get there someday but you’d get there a lot quicker if you put some inspiration into it and did what you want to do!

So, how can we make sure we’re on the right track?


Lay out your ultimate goals and what you would like to see happen in the future.

Where do you see yourself in 1 /3 / 5 years time? Is there a special target that you have to achieve? Are there little targets that you hope to achieve on the way to reaching the ultimate goal? Are you really doing what you want to be doing? It is easy to fall into the trap of starting something because it’s a trend but actually it’s not something that you would normally think or want to do.

We often fall into things, just because it happened, but when you’re trying to build a successful business you really need to get down to the basics and ask yourself “Is this really for me?”. When we can honestly answer that positively and are sure that this is the way forward, then it’s time to really get the ball rolling and start setting goals for the future.

Short term and long term goals are both important. Short term to build steps and then the ultimate long term goals of where you want to be in the future.


Work out what you need to do to get there / to achieve these targets.

There’s no point in putting in things that you know full well are totally unrealistic. You may need to do little steps to move on bit by bit and once you’ve completed these steps, then make new targets. Write out a plan on how to achieve these. Put into motion what you are going to do… starting from NOW to get yourself going.

Brainstorming has always been a favourite of mine and this gets everything down in front of you. All your thoughts, fears, ambitions – they can all be put down on your brainstorm and from that you can lay out paths to get to each one. There doesn’t have to be just one goal; little steps, little goals produce a long term achievement.


Have a positive attitude

I think in nearly every post I write, positivity comes into it. But that is because I think it is so important to get your thoughts and mind in the right way of thinking before anything positive can come out of it. Positive thinking is a MUST.

Think of the grumpy man that’s sitting opposite you in the office, in that first job you ever took. Every time you look at him you want to shake him and tell him to be happy and to smile! And every time you look at him, you smile at him in the hope that he will smile back at you! But he doesn’t. Negativity can pull you and others down.

This is not the image that you want to give your clients or gain a reputation for being ‘the grumpy one’.
Be positive, let your thoughts be positive and focus on keeping a positive attitude to let your energy run off you and into your achievements.

 positive mindset = positive attitude

These are all simple steps to follow but they are important ones. We all know that January is a time where people decide to get right, make decisions and get themselves on track, but try to make this year a year where it really makes a difference to both your lives and your business. And at the end of the year you’ll be able to look back and see the targets you’ve set and achieved and the goals that were put in place that you’ve smashed. By this time next year I hope that you’ll be somewhere closer to achieving the success that you hoped for this year.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what your plans are for this coming year and how you hope to achieve them. Do you have any tips you can share for others to help them on their journey?

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